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The Law Offices of Matthew E. Foreman, P.C. is a boutique law practice focusing on tax issues businesses and individuals face. We advise clients on a broad range of tax issues to ensure that our clients understand the tax implications of their operations and transactions, comply with tax laws, reduce the risk of a tax audit, and improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary structures. Our advice is personalized to each client’s needs with the goal of minimizing tax liability for the business, individual, or estate. We aim to help our clients focus on their business, not on time-consuming compliance and tax problems.  

Expertise: Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Research & Development (R&D) tax credit
    • Different computational methods (traditional and alternative)
    • Qualifying expenses
    • Qualifying activities (four-part test)
    • Internal-use software (additional requirements for the four-part test)
    • Outsourced (contract) R&D
    • Issues with R&D performed by pass-through entities
    • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) issues
  • R&D deduction or multi-year amortization
  • Deduction for Domestic Production Activities (manufacturing and production)
    • Computation of deduction
    • Determining what qualifies
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Qualification of computer software
    • Apportionment of overhead expenses
  • State tax incentives
    • State R&D credits
    • State deductions for manufacturing and production
    • Passive loss limitation rules
  • Employment-related incentives


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